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You're here because you'd like to order prints or CD's. Thanks for coming by. Two things before you order . . .

a) Once you've ordered I can't give refunds, so be sure it's what you want. I'll personally inspect the file before I commit it to print, but once that's done, you pay, even if you change your mind! So before you buy, send me an email including the file number and the size you want so that I can complete the file inspection. Once that's done, I'll get back to you and you can pay via Paypal to david@litepixels.com. Once I receive confirmation of payment, I'll get the prints out to you ASAP. Usually within a couple of days. CD Images will be burned to the disk sized as 10 x 15 inch prints @240 ppi. Large enough to print most sizes.

b) You're buying a print or CD image for personal use. No transfer of copyright comes with the image, even if it is of you. You DO NOT obtain the right to re-license, publish or distribute the images you purchase under any circumstance and any discovery that you have done that will be prosecuted because you will have violated US copyright laws. Usual juducial awards for violation of Copyright can run as much as $150k per image - it's just not worth it to you to violate that law!


4 x 6 Glossy
5 x 7 Glossy
8x10 Glossy
8 x 12 Glossy
10 x 15 Glossy
11 x 14 Glossy
Image Download or CD


First Print
No Discounts
2-5 Prints from same File
10% off Total
5-10 Prints from same File
20% off Total
1st CD File
No Discounts
2nd & 3rd Files
10% off Total
4th & 5th Files
20% off Total
More than 6 files
25% off Total

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